what should i pre-order?

You should place a pre-order if:

  • you need more than a few dozen items
  • you need a whole cake or whole pie
  • you need cupcakes.
  • you need catering food items

how much notice do you need for a pre-order?

We recommend:

  • 2 business days’ notice

If you’re in a pickle and need something quickly, it never hurts to ask. If we can squeeze it in, we will!

Please remember that this is a guideline, not a guarantee! We take as many orders as we can handle but we are limited to what our bakers (and ovens!) can physically produce.

We are a SMALL bakery and we do book up, especially on weekends. We bake ’round the clock to accommodate our orders and once we’re at capacity, we simply cannot take more orders, no matter how much we may want to!

If you have a particularly large order (example: 250 cupcakes for your wedding), the more notice we have, the better.

what if i have to cancel an order?

Life happens. Events get canceled; plans change.If you need to cancel an order, don’t be embarrassed, however we do ask that cancellations be made 2 business days in advance. Since we do turn lots of orders down once we’re booked to capacity, we would love to give someone a chance to fill your spot.

Are you closed any days of the year?

We are closed four days each year.

Closed- New Year’s Day (January 1 st )

Closed- Memorial Day (May)

Closed- Day after Thanksgiving; we are open on Thanksgiving Day (November)

Closed- Christmas Day (December 25 th )

Our business hours change on most holidays.  On major holidays and on Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s day, Father’s day, 4th of July, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve we open and close earlier than our normal schedule.  Hours on the day preceding a major holiday may also fluctuate. Please call the store for special holiday hours.

What methods of payments do you accept?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard are accepted. We do not accept checks.

Do I need to leave a deposit when I place an order, if so, how much do I need to leave?

All orders require a minimum of a 20% deposit.  Orders with delivery require full payment prior to the delivery date.  In addition, certain orders have non-refundable fees and deposits.

Wedding cake orders and large custom orders must be fully paid 4 weeks prior to pickup/delivery date.

Can you ship items?

Sorry, we do not offer shipping services.

What is the difference between the Café and Bakery lines?

The Bakery line offers all available items in an unlimited quantity, including cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and coffee bar products.  The Café is set up to be an express line for dining purposes, displaying only the most popular bakery items.  While you can purchase your food and coffee bar items from the bakery line, the café line is ideal for lunch orders and limited pastry items.

How should I heat up my catering items?

All catering items are given out cold since in most cases, the items will not to be consumed within the hour.  This serves to avoid duplicate reheating.

Prior to re-heating, all items above should be kept refrigerated.  Once reheated, all items should be consumed, or discarded.


When heating in the oven, remove items from the box, and use an oven safe tray, or cookie sheet.  When heating in the microwave, remove the items from the box, and heat using a microwavable plate.

You can preorder place my order on line?

Preordering is meant to be convenience for our clients, and an assurance that the products ordered will be available.  We make every effort to have your items finished for you, at your scheduled pick up time.  However on the items selected, you may be able to place your order over the telephone, a 25% deposit deposit is required.

Why do I need to wait if I pre-ordered?

For normal days, we take a limited number of orders to be picked up each hour in order to maintain the wait time under 10-15 minutes.  During holidays, please allow additional time when picking up orders.

Uncontrollable factors may increase the wait time in the pre-order line, including additional items ordered at the time of pickup, the accumulation of clients that are not picking up at their pre-scheduled time, and the amount of people that walk in to place an order during the time of your arrival.

Orders must also be gathered upon your arrival as different products demand different holding temperatures.  Certain orders take 10 to 20 minutes to come together.  Additional time must also be allotted for writing on cakes to your specifications.

You may then ask, why preorder?  It is true that sometimes the bakery line may be faster, and what you have preordered is readily available that day and at that precise moment.  But, as nobody knows what the people in front of you are about to take, there is no guarantee that your desired item will still be available when your turn comes.